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Corona virus found in Chhattisgarh
By Marketing Bazaar | 04/Feb/2020
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Corona virus found in Chhattisgarh

Ambikapur, A suspected patient of coronavirus has also been found in Chhattisgarh. Confirming this, Health Minister TS Singhdev said that there is no need to worry about this, only the patient was kept under observation. People here have no direct relation with China. If anyone comes, they have to go through the investigation process of many airports and big cities. Health Minister TS Singhdev, while talking to reporters from Ambikapur, said that a case of this virus has also been found suspicious in Chhattisgarh. The victim is kept under the supervision of doctors at the hospital.

Regarding the coronavirus, Health Minister TS Singhdev has said that at present there is no question of danger, but there is a need to take precaution. Singhdev said that the international airport is being monitored by the central government and tourists are being screened along with Indian nationals coming from outside, he told that the only laboratory in the country to test the coronavirus Are in Pune.

The information has also been given to health staff to take precautions. Advisory has been issued by the Central Government in India regarding this deadly disease. In a state like Chhattisgarh, there is no need to worry about this virus.

The Health Minister has instructed doctors in all the districts of the state to be alert to the disease. In case of any kind of identification of the suspected patient, he has been instructed to take immediate treatment under proper supervision.