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Google Map hacked with 99 mobile phones
By Marketing Bazaar | 04/Feb/2020
Technical News
Google Map hacked with 99 mobile phones

You have regularly heard reports of somebody's Google account being hacked and his information taken, yet have you at any point knew about Google Map being hacked. We tell you that a person has hacked Google Map rather than someone's personal Google account and that too with the help of 99 old smartphones. 

Simon Weckert, With the help of only 99 cell phones changed the traffic situation on Google Map. For instance, Where there was no traffic, this individual indicated a red sign. For this, he neither utilized any product nor hacked traffic or any Google account. Simon has additionally shared the video on social video.

He took 99 cell phones to hack the gaggle map. He put these cell phones in a cart and began moving slowly through the streets where the traffic was extremely less. Simone Weckert turned on the Google Map in all these cell phones. In the video he has shared, it very well may be observed that the traffic through which Simone has passed, the traffic circumstance is seen changing on Google map and is changing from green to red.