MCX is a first-of-its-kind developmental initiative in the wire and cable industry. It offers structured skills transformation programs to upskill and reskill wire drawing die technicians and instil in them a discerning eye for die quality

Caping The Superhero
Meet Danny, a new hire wire drawing technician at a plant striving to improve the key 'wire-breaks per ton' metric. His supervisor, while onboarding, instilled in Danny the direct correlation between the quality of the die-set used to the wire breaks that cause production halts. Danny was helpless as he faced wire breaks and production halts. Learning of Danny's performance challenges, the plant manager directs him to Mikrotek, his new die supplier, for training.

Enter MCX: After spending three weeks at MCX, Danny is equipped with the skills to keep the right die-set ready and load them correctly to the machine. He is discerning and can judge when the dies need repolishing or resizing. Most importantly, he can confidently maintain the die inventory and has avoided wire breakages, saving the company precious time and money. The plant manager is delighted with Danny's transformation and considers him an asset to the manufacturing unit.

Like Danny, die technicians caped with the MCX certification are highly coveted in the wire and cable industry and become critical resources in improving production efficiency.

Fissure in Sandstone

The MCX Edge
The Mikrotek Center of Excellence trains technicians through two structured certificate programs:

Foundation Course: A three-week course for fresher technicians keen to pursue a career in die maintenance. The course covers the fundamentals of dies and complete die maintenance.

Refresher Course: A one-week course for technicians experienced in die maintenance. The course helps to brush up on know-how, improve skills, and train on the latest tools and techniques in the industry.

A skilled technician with a discerning eye can improve production efficiencies and becomes a valuable asset to the business. Investing in technical skilling and development results in using optimal wire drawing dies, ensuring better wire surface finish, the least number of wire breaks, less metal dust, and longer die life.

MCX houses a state-of-the-art training center with modern teaching aids. Apart from full-time facilitators, leading industry experts conduct special sessions and present case studies as part of the curriculum.

Through MCX, we have also set up more than 1000 in-house die repair units globally at various customer locations. MCX empowers our customers to take over die maintenance, achieve quicker turnarounds, and boost productivity.

Fissure in Sandstone
Fissure in Sandstone