Natural Diamond Dies

We manufacture natural diamond dies in the diameter range of 0.010 to 1.500 mm. Natural diamond dies are mainly used where good surface finish and round wire are priorities for the wire drawing company

Natural diamond dies are applied in drawing superfine and fine diameters of materials such as stainless steel, copper, EDM, gold, silver, tungsten, molybdenum, alloy, and medical industry wires.

Every die is made from Kimberley Process-certified, flattened diamond stones of the highest quality. Each diamond is individually inspected under a microscope to ensure impeccability for production.

The rough diamonds are flattened with respect to 111 plane orientation to give each die maximum strength. We use our proprietary ‘Solid Rock Technology’ to mount the diamond into its casing. Our technology is proven to withstand higher thermal conductivity and thermal stability. This means long die life, blemish-free wire surface, maximum recuts, and good luster in every meter of wire drawn.

Fissure in Sandstone

Fissure in Sandstone

Due to consistent die profiles, mirror-quality polish, and the highest level of concentricity, our natural diamond dies provide good luster to the drawn wire and ensure longer die life. As a result, our natural diamond dies are sought after for use in high-speed multiwire drawing machines, making us the preferred die partner for leading wire drawing companies across geographies and across industry segments.

We also manufacture dies according to profiles that our customers desire. Dies for multiwire drawing machines and Schiller Frei dies for stainless steel wires are our unique strengths

We also supply semifinished dies, which are cased, laser drilled, shaped, fully profiled, and polished, ready to be finished by our customers.