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We offer wide range of IT services to our clients

What we Offer

In MarketingBazaar we offer a wide range of digital services. If you need software for your office or want to promote your business in the digital world. MarketingBazaar can offer you the best solution according to your requirements.


Website Development

In today's digital age, Usage of internet is growing rapidly. A good website, give's your organization a proper identity in the digital world.

1. Responsive Website
2. Dynamic Website
3. Static Website
4. E-commerce Website
5. Portal
6. Content Management System (CMS)


Digital Marketing Services

Organization are moving from traditional marketing towards digital marketing. To attract their potential customers.

1. Search Engine Optimization
2. Social Media Marketing
3. Influencer Marketing
4. Digital Advertising
5. Content Marketing
5. Website Analytics


Mobile App Development

With over 800+ million mobile users in India. A mobile app can give you an edge over your business rivals.

1. Android App Development
2. IOS App Development
3. Cross Plateform App Development
4. mCommerce App Development


Software Development

If you have a team to manage or business to run, then you should have a proper system in place to smooth line the process.

1. Office Automation
2. Accounting Software
3. Payroll Software


IT Consultant Services

Are you wondering how IT or Digital media can help your organization or business? give us a chance to explain it to you.

Our IT advisory services are based on different technology strategies to help clients understand every aspect of technology for there organization. Our strategies services help clients to assess there IT needs.


Cloud SaaS, PaaS, IaaS

Software, Platform or Infrastructure get everything done in the cloud. Let us help you to set up a proper Cloud solution

SaaS: Google Apps, Dropbox, Salesforce, Cisco WebEx, GoToMeeting
PaaS: AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Windows Azure,Google App Engine
IaaS: DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Engine (GCE)


Business Branding Solution

Branding can change how people perceive your organization, it can drive new business and increase brand awareness.

1. Logo and Tag-line
2. Branding Images
3. Business Cards
4. Marketing Material
5. Customer Service Style
6. Staff Uniform
7. Advertising